How to Login to Discord

Discord is a class of chat app services that is making waves. It is one that people above the age of 13 years now use to hang out and communicate online with friends and communities. This can be done via video, voice, and even text. You can even send files in the form of images and other forms using this chat app.

Would you like to find out how to log in to this chat app that has the required licensing from pertinent authorities? Then you should keep reading this Login Problems social network category article as you will find helpful information here.

Step-by-Step Guide to Login to Your Discord Account

For security reasons and to carry out authorized actions, users are required to log in to their Discord account. In simpler terms, you need to log in to your Discord account to open up your account.

By and large, the steps for logging in are largely determined by your choice of either using the web service or the designated app. Against this backdrop, here is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you can log in to your Discord account when the need arises:

Through the Web

Whether you log in using your Mac, iPhone, Android phone; or even your PC or desktop; you can log in to the Discord server using the web option. To do this, you have to input the appropriate URL link on the box designated for this purpose on your web browser.

The appropriate URL address you have to input on your web browser’s search box is – You can copy it and input it into your web browser’s search box. Afterward, you have to click the search icon right beside the search box; or just hit the “enter” button (if you are using your MacBook, PC, or desktop). When you tap the search button or use the “enter” key, you will be directed to a Discord chat service provider’s landing page. This is where you will be requested to confirm your account’s identity. You would have to do this by filling in the boxes for “email or phone number” and “password”.

Your detail’s output must be correct to have your discord account open up and enable access. If you would like to use your phone number as part of the details you fill in during login, you need to have verified your phone number.

There are cases in which a verification code will be sent to your mail or your phone number. This is especially when you log in with another device, other than what you usually use. It is just a security step. You will successfully log in to your Discord account once you go through these steps.

you can also log in conveniently using the QR code

Through the App

You can also use the Discord app option to log in to your Discord account. This is perhaps a better and more convenient way to log in. However, you need to use the latest version of the app. This is why you should always obey the prompt to update the app on your Mac, iPhone, Android phone, PC, and even desktop.

All the steps explained in the web browser option apply here as well. But in addition, you can also log in conveniently using the QR code. You just have to head to the menu section and specifically to the “User Settings” section. Then you are to select the option for “scan QR code”. Permission to use your camera will be asked and you should oblige if you want to use this option.

To use the QR code, you would have to make the QR code and the scanner box align. Once this happens, your Discord account will open up. For the record, Discord is one class of chat service provider that offers. Those that are not signed up may want to take advantage of what it offers. On the sideline, you can read about how to restore access to your Badoo account after a login problem.

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