How to Fix Spotify Login Error

Spotify is unarguably one of the best and most patronized music, podcast, and video streaming platforms. You stand a lot to gain when you have an account with this online service provider. So, Spotify login error issues are not a welcome development by users. To this end, users need to know how to resolve this problem if it ever arises.

Fortunately, this Login Problems provider category article will address the various causes, as well as how to resolve them. So, read on to find out how you can resolve this login problem.

Solutions for Spotify Login Errors

Even after opening the Spotify app, this problem can make it impossible to open your Spotify account. Here are some possible reasons for this problem with their respective solution:

Use the Right Details

This might sound pretty much basic. However, it is the reason logging in is impossible for some people. So, check the password and username you are inputting and make sure it is not the wrong detail. By correct, we also mean lowercase and uppercase correct.

If it is an email that you need to put in, check to be sure it is correct. If you notice your details are not correct, clear them out and input the right details to gain uninterrupted access.

Use the Updated Version

As with almost all apps, updates are required periodically. Using an obsolete version of the app despite the availability of an update can cause this problem.

For users that can even log in to their account, an obsolete app can be the reason the system is not working too well. So, it is not always about the settings, your internet connection, or even the network’s server. For this reason, get the update and see if this allows you to log in to your Spotify account without issues.

Getting the right app depends on your device. For example, android users need to download and update their Spotify app from Google Playstore. On the contrary, iPhone users will have to download and update theirs from the App store.

For Windows users, the designated app and its update can be gotten from the Microsoft store. On a whole, the idea is to take note of your operating system and get your Spotify app (and its update) from the online store that aligns with your device’s operating system.

Sign In with What You Signed Up with

Sign In with What You Signed Up with

As with many other apps that require that users sign in, you can log in using various means. But with Spotify, if your password and username combination is not working, try logging in with the Facebook account that you used during the signing-up stage. If you are an iPhone user, you should also try logging in with the Apple account that you registered with. This might work to get you access to your Spotify account.

Sort Out Junk File

The problem can be down to a pile-up of junk in your device. So, you should clear your cache as clearing your cache might do the trick. To do this, head to the “settings” icon on your device and click “apps”. Go through the list and tap the “Spotify” option.

You will see the “clear cache” option which you should select. You would clear the cache which may be the reason for the login error when you tap this “clear cache” button. Other than helping with cache clearing, this data storage action can be a huge step in enabling your Spotify app to perform better. But mind you, you may be losing some saved files.

Restart the App

This is not just about minimizing the app but removing it from the current operating system. Thereafter, you should restart it and see if the login error is sorted out. If this doesn’t work, you might want to uninstall the app. Afterward, head back to your Android, iPhone, or Windows store and re-install it. This reset action might help resolve the Spotify login error issue.

These are just some of the possible solutions for Spotify login error problems. You can try them when the need arises and get back to us about your experience. On the sidelines, you can read about how to login to DirecTV.

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