How to Login to iMac Screen Sharing

It is not unusual to have people asking questions as regards how to navigate apple devices. Topping the list of concerns is usually how to share files and synchronize the display. For one, this is because apple devices are still not as common as the window option in many places. So, many users of any Apple device need more clarification. For example, quite a lot of questions on how to seamlessly login to iTunes have been asked.

The good news is that preferences for Apple mobile and computer products like iPhone, MacBook, and iMac are always on the rise. This is because there are many wonderful features and specially made apps that support the great user experience that they offer. Judging from the view of many users, Mac and other Apple devices are considered the best or (at least) a top option that users in search of computers or mobile devices can select.

Another common question apple users have is how to log in to iMac screen sharing. Fortunately, this will be answered in this Login Problems mobile category article. So, read on to find out how to go about this.

How to Go about iMac Screen Sharing

How to Go about iMac Screen Sharing

Apple devices such as Mac products share some similarities with Windows devices. However, there are distinct features. Some of them involve how the screen is shared between Mac devices. Here is how to go about sharing screen:

  • Before you open the designated app that would enable you to connect, start by ensuring the other party enables screen share access – This requires that the user does choose the menu with the Apple logo. The next thing is to scroll down to “system setting”. Afterward, the user has to click “General”. This can be found in the side-bar. Then you are to click “sharing”, which may require scrolling down.
  • After you have turned on “screen share”, you will need some vital information to go ahead. This is why you need to access the information button with the “I” icon. This can be found on the right-hand side. Information such as your device’s address and name (that you will need to enter subsequently) are contained in this place. So, take note of these details.
  • It is either you carry out a remote connection using the device’s address or name. To use the address, you would have to head to the “finder” button and then choose “Go”. This will open you to a bunch of options but you are to choose “connect to server”. A network connection is essential for this purpose. This is where you get to enter the address obtained from the information icon (explained above). Afterward, you are to click “connect”.
  • The device’s name can be the means of screen share connection (as explained earlier). To do it this way, head to the “Dock” and select the “Finder” icon. This will make it possible to open the finder window.  Afterward, head to the side-bar’s locations section and click Network. You will then see the Mac you plan on sharing the display with. The next thing is to double-click on it and click the share screen option that is presently afterward.
  • You may be requested to enter your password set & name before signing in. This would happen if both Mac computers are not logged in using a similar Apple ID. If they are, screen sharing will start immediately.
  • It is also possible that a user had connected early on. If this is the case, you will be presented with an option to share the display with that user which you should turn down (except if you want to).

You can get screen share control with your Mac computer when you adhere to the aforementioned. Mind you, it is also possible to share screens between Mac and desktop or even windows. You might want to find out about this.

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