Understanding JPay Connection Problems and Appropriate Solutions

There are several situations or problems in life that can lead a person to become incarcerated. Thus, to support such person morally and financially, many individuals use JPay service. This site, which is highly recognized for its performance and numerous services, can sometimes present connection problems.  To know more, consult the attached lines for further information on the problems and the appropriate solutions.

General information about the JPay website

JPay is a secure platform through which users send money to prisoners. These users (parents, friends, relatives, etc.), can also perform other operations from their JPay account besides sending money. Indeed, if you want to send a lunch box including money to an inmate, JPay offers you the possibility. JPay also offers services including email transfer videos. On its page you have the possibility to propose to your contact a service of musical education parole.

All this by music tablet videos or music education tablets. The music files are usually in MP3 format. In addition, with JPay, you will have the possibility to make video calls as a virtual visit to provide more support to the inmate. However, it should be noted that some prisons do not rate these services except for the services that include money. In other words, with these prisons, you will have the possibility to transfer money, but not video emails. In short, JPay has on its top page views:

  • Practical and affordable correctional services
  • A section of parole and probation payments
  • Email videos, etc.

If you want to become a JPay customer you must first download the JPay application. And then create your own account on the JPay platform. The registration process is very simple and efficient. You just need to enter your personal information in each dial on the registration page, as mentioned below.

General information about the JPay website


Once the registration is completed, enter your password and email address then press JPay login and access your JPay account after confirming JPay email and password.

Press JPay login and access your JPay account


What are the common problems with the JPay application?

Connection problems are errors/crash/ne JPay not working, network connection problems to JPay server. You may also have JPay issues related to the black screen

What is the solution for JPay server and Internet connection issues on Android?

JPay app is not working on your smartphone?  You may be having JPay server related network connection issues and see a help. Follow these steps to fix the problem.

Go to your Android Settings and click on the “Application” or “Manage Applications” tab

What is the solution for JPay server and Internet connection issues on Android?


  • Click on the JPay app then click on “Force Shutdown”.

Click on the JPay app


  • Go to the storage setting and delete the data

Go to the storage setting and delete the data


  • Go back to your Android setting then tap on “connections” and then go to “Mobile Network” mode

Mobile Network


  • Go back to the application page and click on Mobile Data and allow data usage in the background
  • Set your network to the 4G option and relaunch the JPay application

If you strictly follow the steps you will not have any more problems with the JPay application related to the server. Instead, you will have an easy connection to the JPay account and enjoy the affordable convenience of the site.

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